Courage, Wisdom, Power.

Hello, I'm Cindi. I'm 18. I live in Arkansas. I try my best! Hispanic. Happily in love!

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Ryan is a gift to us all (x)

Ryan:I’m looking forward to being on the bottom again.
Michael:Ryan’s a power bottom!
Ryan:I am a power bottom.
(From Let's Play Mario Kart 8.)

Michael Jones, spittin the truth, then calling someone out for thinking he was kidding. (via aggressivelytwerkinganderson)

A cop just called me an asshole [in GTAV]. How unprofessional."
“He was probably from Ferguson.


can we please talk about this gif of ryan

Geoff to Gavin:Did you get the postcard from Millie?
Me:*literally dies*


Team Lads singing the DK Rap


Geoff (impersonating Ryan): “Oh, I’m Ryan… PC… Computers.”
Ryan: “I’d do an impression of you, but I don’t have a dick in my mouth.”

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