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white people: this mint gum is spicy

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raise your hand if you have so many ideas that you’re not talented enough for

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Guys this really has to stop.

We keep encouraging “friendzone” ideology, rape culture and entitlement. Not just tolerating, actively support.

Thing is it’s not harmless. It’s not “boys will be boys”. People are being hurt and killed.

We need to stop looking at Elliot Rodger and others like him…

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The man in the screengrab above posted a number of videos complaining about girls dating other guys but never him. He was sad, he was lonely, but he was a gentlemen, why didn’t girls see that? What was wrong with THEM?

On Friday, May 23rd, he went on a shooting spree that left seven…


NO ONE should be sticking up for that boy, if you do you are just justifying murder. How dare he. He was a spoiled little child who had gotten anything he wanted handed to him but you can’t just get handed love. You work for love, fight for love. When he didn’t get what he wanted he killed innocent people, where is the pity in that?

Here's the Thing About Eliot Rodgers →


He was mentally ill.

He was incredibly misogynistic.

He was racist.

He was misogynistic.

He was misogynistic. That is what ultimately bubbled to the surface.

A lot of things can bubble to the surface in the mentally ill, and it’s usually the not-so-good things. Should his illness have…


I was really enjoying the #yesallwomen discussion on Twitter this morning.


fyi eliot rodgers stabbed 3 asian men to death because he believed them to be inferior to him (because he is half white). he is as much a racist and white supremacist as he is a misogynist, and said racism was a major factor in the targeting and murder of those students.


women saying no?! how dare we. what do we think we are, people?? →


- Elliot Rodgers is deranged as fuck

- Feeling entitled to sex is deranged as fuck

- Killing people is deranged at fuck

- People who justify what he did by saying that they should have given him a chance are deranged as fuck

- Using the death of six people to forward your backwards agenda is…

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